Chapter 9

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End of Chapter 8

Eric laughed.  “You silly, silly girl.  Have I not told you that you are special. Not only are you special, but you are spectacularly special.  What you are is rare.  Even in the supernatural community, no one speaks of fairies.   Believe or don’t believe, but you will be coming with me.”

“Sure…we agreed.  I just don’t understand, but, yeah, I’ll come.  So who is the person we’re going to see?”

“Godric…his name is Godric.”

Chapter 9 

“Godric….that’s an interesting name.  Who is he?  Do you really think he can help us?”

“It is an old Nordic name. It means mighty god and it’s well-suited for him.  And yes, I think if anyone can help us, it would be him.”

“Is he a vampire like you?”

“Yes. He is a vampire, but he is so much more than what I could ever be.”

‘This ought to be interesting’, Sookie thought. So far there was nothing about Eric that suggested that humility was a strong characteristic.

“Well…okay then.  I’m ready to go, but I’d really like to find out about my brother.  He was doing real good when I saw him yesterday and I know he was hoping to go home soon.  That being the case, I need to make arrangements for him.  It should be me, but since I’ve got other concerns, I’d like to arrange for a friend to pick him up.”

“Ah, yes….I spoke to Pam while you were in the shower.  I had this evening’s shift, but she’s agreed to replace me.  As for your brother, I asked on your behalf, and she said that he would most likely be released tomorrow.”

Sookie couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Of course, Pam.  “Oh…well, thanks.  I’ll call his friend, Hoyt.  Those two get on like they were brothers.  I’m sure he’d be happy to pick up Jason.”  Pausing for a few moments, Sookie continued, “soooo, you’re sure he’ll be fine to leave tomorrow?  You can trust your friend, Pam? I mean, I don’t know what she does, but she seems to do a lot for you.  You know, here …and at work? That’s okay, of course.  You know, no judgments here. I mean you guys are obviously close.  She must know what you are and it sounds like she takes care of things…and of you.”  Taking a breath, she finally stopped her rambling.  Good God, why did she have to keep talking. 

“Well, Sookie” he said smirking, ”if Pam says Jason will be fine to leave then he’ll be fine.  She is the Administrator at the hospital, so is ‘in the know’ as you humans say.  More importantly, I trust Pam with my life.  She is what vampires would call a ‘day person’.  More directly, she takes care of my business when I cannot.  She covers for me at the hospital and in return I do my best to save the hundreds of patients that fall under my care using my skill as a doctor and my gifts as a vampire, which includes giving a little blood every now and then.  Nothing to create any suspicion, of course.  Why are you so interested in my relationship with Pam, Sookie?  Feeling a bit threatened?  Do you wish to challenge her for my attentions?”  He was enjoying himself way too much for Sookie’s taste.

“Get over yourself, vampire.  Of course not!  Pft!  I’d say I’m happy for her, but knowing she has to put up with your big head….well, let’s just say she should get an award!”

A little touchy aren’t we?  And no one has ever complained about putting up with my ‘big head’, as you say. Maybe one day you’ll have firsthand knowledge.”

Straightening her spine and lifting her chin, Sookie snapped, “Heh! Don’t hold your breath.  That ain’t gonna happen!” 

“Oh, Sookie….you’re too easy.” 

“Whatever.  Let’s get this show on the road.  I’m ready to find out who or what is comin’ after me, so I can be done with you and your ‘big head’.  So, how far do we have to go?  Does he live close?”

“He lives in Dallas. We can be there in about an hour or so.  We’ll have to travel a little slower since we’ll be together.”

“You’re the one insisting I go along, so I don’t know why you’re complaining now about me slowin’ you down.”

“I’m not complaining.  I’m merely stating a fact. Now you might want to bundle up.  It’s going to get cold.  I’m sure you can find a jacket in the closet.  I think there should be some gloves and scarves, as well.”

Sookie had no reason to question him, so she scrounged around and found some winter wear.  They were a little large, but would certainly work. She walked out and followed Eric to the door.  Walking down the porch and towards his corvette, Sookie was waiting for Eric to unlock the door, but he didn’t move to do that.  She was puzzled.  He was in such a hurry before and now she couldn’t get him to open the damn door.

“What’s the hold up?  I thought you were anxious to get on the road.” 

“Oh, we’re not taking any roads.” And with that, he swooped her up and shot into the air.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was all that came out of Sookie’s mouth.  She clutched at Eric like an octopus to its next meal.   Her arms found his neck and, looking like she was climbing a tree,  she fought against gravity to wrap her legs around his waist. Squeezing as tightly as she could, she burrowed her head deep into his chest. Her mind was screaming in terror.  All she could think of was falling and everything ending.  She thought of poor Jason.  What would he do without her.  They’d already lost so much and she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him all alone.  Tears started to prick her eyes as she felt Eric’s arms tighten around her.  In that moment, she also noticed that they seemed to have slowed down. 

Hearing nothing but the sound of wind, a whisper finally broke through.  Eric’s lips were pressed closely to her ears and she heard her name.  He repeated it several times as he continued to hold her tight.

“Sookie.  Trust me.”  Those words reverberated in her head and she slowly raised her head until their eyes met.  Eric could feel that her fear was no longer consuming her.  He gentled his face and said again “Trust me.”

Sookie could say nothing, so she simply nodded and nested her head back into the safety of Eric’s chest. Her grip became less frantic. It remained firm, but she allowed herself to settled into his embrace, trusting that he would not drop her.

They continued to fly this way for about an hour, going slow and holding each other in silence with nothing but the sound of the wind flowing past them.  “Sookie?”  She snuggled tighter as the sound of his voice broke the calm that she had sought comfort in.  “Sookie?”, he said again.  She lifted her head and a small smile broke on his face.  “Look.  I’ve got you. You won’t fall….I promise. So you can look.  It’s beautiful out tonight.”  Eric could sense a small amount of panic coming from her and worked quickly to quell it.  He tightened  his hold on her and said “Hey, I know this is scary for you, but, as I’ve promised, I won’t drop you.  We have too much to do together, you and I….and besides, if I let you fall, who would be there to keep my ‘big head’ in check?”  With that, a small chuckle escaped Sookie’s lips. 

“In your dreams big boy.”

“Ah, now there’s my Sookie.”

“Really?  My Sookie?  Aren’t you a bit presumptuous?”

“I don’t think so at all.  You did give yourself to me earlier.  And I’d rather think you’d enjoy being mine.  It does have its  rewards, I assure you.”

“First, I had no idea what I was saying earlier and if you recall, I took it all back.  And second, no more talk about….you know…’rewards’. I’m not that kind of girl, anyway” she said rather indignantly.

“What kind of girl is that, Sookie?  Please, do enlighten me.” She rolled her eyes and gave no answer.  Eric continued, “ I was merely making an innocent statement. I’m strong and immortal….and my blood heals.  I even have skill as a physician.  I’m not sure where your mind went, but it obviously landed somewhere more tawdry.  Does that mean you think of me in that way?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Argh…! I absolutely do no think of you in that way.  God, you are so frustrating and…and big headed!”

“Ah, ah, ah….there you go again.”

“Ugh…stop…no more talking.  Let’s just look.” And with that Sookie’s attention was drawn away from Eric to the sky around her.  She was in awe at being so far above the earth amidst the stars and moon.

Eric was glad that their banter had distracted her enough that she could finally enjoy the scenery around her.  He had flown with others in the past, but he’d never wanted to take the time to actually enjoy the ride.  He could feel the joy that radiated from her and it infected him. 

“Oh my god…Eric, it’s so beautiful.”  He had slowed until they were almost still in the night.  Sookie turned her head from side to side looking all around taking in the beauty that was before her.  After a few minutes, Eric attempted to shift her.  Startled, Sookie held him tighter. 

“Shhhhh…it’s okay. I’m not going to drop you, but let me turn you so you can see better.  I promise, you are safe with me.”

She looked deeply at him.  Finally agreeing, she smiled “You’ve made me a lot of promises tonight.  Just so you know, I’m keeping you to them.”

“I’m sure you will, Ms. Stackhouse.  Okay…I’ll need you to release your legs and let them drop.  And then you’ll need to loosen that death grip from around my neck.  Place your hands on my shoulders, if you prefer.  Just place them loosely, so I can turn you.”

With a little hesitation, Sookie did as he directed.  She dropped her legs, but his grip around her waist kept their bodies flush against each other.  She then slowly started to relax her hands and moved them slowly to his shoulders.  She inhaled deeply and couldn’t help but bury her head in his neck.  The thought of trusting him so completely unnerved her, but she had committed.  Lifting her head, she let him know she was ready when he was.

“I’m going to turn you, Sookie.  Just let your hands move to my chest.” Eric was contemplating whether to move slowly or turn her quickly like pulling off a bandaid.  After a moment’s consideration, he decided there was nothing to be gained by drawing this out, so he choose the latter.  Quicker than she could comprehend, she was facing outward.  Eric had one arm around her waist and the other snaked up between her breasts holding her shoulder securely.  Her hands swiftly moved to cover his and she was taken aback at the view.  Not realizing she was holding her breath, Eric whispered in her ear “Breathe, Sookie…breathe.  You’re okay….I’ve got you.” 

Shivers traveled up her body, both from chill in the air and from the touch of Eric’s lips to her ear.  She closed her eyes to calm herself and once she regained control of her heartbeat, she opened them to take in the majesty that fell before her.  “Oh, Eric.” she cried.  “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” The sky was so vast.  Everything seemed so bright and big and close.  There were a few light, fluffy clouds that decorated the mostly clear sky and, as they continued to fly slowly, she felt invigorated by the feathery mist that brushed across her face.  This had to be the closest thing to heaven, she thought. 

Eric enjoyed the feel of Sookie in his arms and he enjoyed feeling the wonder that spread through her emotions.  The idea that he was contributing to her emotions stirred something in him.  Again, not anything that he wanted to label, but this time around, he gave in and decided he would savor it while it lasted.

Sookie relished in how alive she felt and how keen her senses were.  Being suspended in the air as she was, coupled with the bit of Eric’s blood she’d had earlier, had contributed to her increased sensitivity.

They continued their flight towards Dallas and, hopefully, answers.  At one point during their flight, he slowed to a stop.  “Over there, Sookie.  Can you see the fog coming in?”  She looked out over her shoulder as far as she could see and there was a blanket of dense white lodged in the sky.  It was amazing.  She could see the border of the fog as it hit against the clear, brightness of the rest of the sky.  “Wow….it looks like a giant roll of cotton.”

“We’re close to our destination, so we’ll have to speed up and duck under it.  Are you going to be okay if I we go faster?”

“And how fast is that exactly?”

“I can fly quite fast, so I’m going to turn you again.  Once I do, you should shield your face and hold tight.  I’ll hold you tight, as well, so there’s no need to worry.  My promise will remain intact.” he smiled. 

“Oh…okay.  Do you need me to do anything?  Should my hands be somewhere?”

“Ah, dear Sookie.  I can tell you so many places I’d like your hands..”


“but for this just relax and let me do all of the work.” And a moment later, she was facing him.  She gasped and threw her arms around his neck. 

“Gah….you could’ve warned me!”

“What’s the fun in that, hmmm.  Now remember, you’ll need to protect your face as I pick up speed.”

“Fine.” and she snuggled into him with her face pressed comfortably into his neck.  And off he went.  He tightened his hold and she could feel him become more aerodynamic.  He lifted her legs to wrap around his waist so they wouldn’t drag. She couldn’t see anything around her, but she felt the exhilaration from the speed with which they crossed the sky.  They continued for what seemed like minutes before he slowed down.  The next thing she knew they had landed.   She opened her eyes and lifted her head to look around and she noticed that they were on the rooftop of a building.

“We’re here.”, Eric said.

“Really?  In Dallas?”

“Yes.  We will meet Godric here.  This is the Hotel Carmilla.”

Sookie looked at Eric’s face and she was entranced.  She couldn’t pull her eyes from his, nor he from hers.  The sudden tightening of his embrace shook her from their trance and she released the grip around his neck and his waist. “Ah…you can put me down now.”  Reluctantly, Eric slowly released her as she slid down his body until her feet touched the ground.  Sookie smoothed over her clothes and said, “Um…thank you for the ride.  It was…it was just breathtaking and something I’ll never forget.”  She nervously began to look everywhere but at him.  He hadn’t said anything since they landed and her nerves were a jumble. 

Finally, Eric straightened up, turned, and said “Come.”

“Ugh…back to the one work commands.  Great…just great.” she said under her breath.   She padded behind him as they entered the building and descended the stairs to the 7th floor.  Eric stopped as he came to a door at the end of a long hallway.  Making sure she was next to him, he knocked.   A few moments later the door opened. 


“Godric”, Eric said as he took his knee and bowed his head.  Sookie curiously watched the interaction between these two men.  Godric was quite a bit shorter than Eric and had short, straight hair.  He wore a white linen tunic with white pants that made his skin seem quite pale. She caught a glimpse through his collar of what appeared to be a large, intricate tattoo. 

“Rise, child.”  Eric rose and they embraced.

“It’s good to see you Godric. I’ve missed you.”

“And I, you.”  Turning to Sookie, he said, “Ms. Stackhouse, I presume.”

“A…yes, Sookie…please, call me Sookie.  It’s so nice to meet you,…Mister?”

“Godric. I’d be honored if you would call me Godric.”

“Well then, Godric it’s nice to meet you. Eric tells me you might be able to help us.”

Godric laughed, “Straight to business, I see.  Delightful.  Well, why don’t you both come in.”

Both Sookie and Eric entered Godric’s room following him to the common area. 

“Please sit. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you any refreshments?  I’m sure you must be parched after your travels.”

“Thank you, yes.  Water would be just fine.”

Sookie sat on the sofa, but Eric remained standing as Godric made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  Sookie continued to watch the dynamic between Eric and Godric and was sure they were something more than acquaintances. 

Godric returned and handed Sookie her glass of water.  She thanked him and proceeded to drink the entire glass in one lift.  Surprised at how thirsty she was, she self-consciously held the empty glass in her hands and rested them in her lap.  “Goodness, I was more thirsty than I thought.”

“Well, traveling has always made me thirsty, as well”, Eric smirked.

“Eric.”, Godric admonished and Eric nodded his head in submission.

“Please excuse Eric, Sookie.  Sometimes he forgets his manners and he does so enjoy teasing pretty girls.”

“Oh, please don’t give it another thought.”, Sookie said as a light shade of crimson rose on her face. Eric’s attention never left Sookie and it had not gone unnoticed by Godric.

“I offer my apologies, nonetheless.  Eric, have a seat and tell me of this light you spoke of on the phone.”

Eric did as Godric asked and proceeded to tell him all that he knew up to that point.  Godric seemed thoughtful, processing all he’d been told so far. 

“So, the light seemed to be targeting our, Ms. Stackhouse, you say?  And have you deduced the reason behind that? “

Eric paused for a moment before he offered, “I think it is because she is part fairy.”  Eric waited for a reaction but it never came.

“As I suspect, as well.”

“What?!  How? Wha… wait.  First, I’m not at all convinced that I’m part anything.  Second, on the off chance that what Eric says is true, how do you know?  What exactly do you suspect?”

“Ms. Stackhouse, my apologies.  I’ve been remiss.  I should’ve known that this news may have proved to be overwhelming.  I understand from Eric that you were completely unaware of the supernatural world, or of the existence of our kind until last night.  Please, let me explain.”

Sookie looked to Eric who gave a hint of a nod,  clearly suggesting she should listen.  “It’s Sookie, and I’ll hear your explanation.”

“I believe Eric told you the story of a great light that defeated an entire colony of vampires and werewolves, yes?”  Sookie nodded.

“That is a story that has been passed down for over a thousand years, but I can tell you that it is true.  There was a war between the vampires and the werewolves in Scandinavia, and during their fight, a great light appeared and annihilated them.  No one remained and the earth left behind had been scorched removing it’s viability to sustain life.  Approximately 20 years after that devastation, a nest of vampires sought to learn the truth of what had happened that day and to find out what made that land so special.  They traveled to that area and were never heard from again.  I know this because those who died in that exploration were a part of my nest.  I sent them to their death and for that, I will be forever making amends.”

Sookie sat there contemplating her response. “So I have a couple of questions.   How old exactly are you?  And what do you know about the light?  Why is it after me?  And how do you know I’m part fairy?”

“I am two thousand years old. So as you can see, I have been around for quite some time.  Certainly long enough to have witnessed many, many  things.  As to how I know you’re part fairy….well, I can smell it, my dear.  You smell especially sweet.  Your scent is enticing, to say the least, and there is one group of supernatural beings who have that kind of effect on vampires.”

“Fairies” she said in a hushed tone. 

“Yes, fairies.  And to your other question about why you?  Well, I believe the light is a fairy weapon.  It is comprised of the one thing that vampires cannot survive, the one thing that vampires miss more than anything else from their human life, and the one thing that entices us like nothing else.  It is a perfect weapon against vampires.  And, if you, Sookie, are part fairy, then there are factions of fairies who are insulted by your very existence.  The thought of a human-fairy hybrid represents a degradation of their superior species and they cannot allow that to happen.  You see, fairies think quite highly of themselves.”

“Ha! Really?  And vampires don’t”, Sookie asked incredulously.

“I see your time spent with Eric has left an impression.”  Godric redirected his attention to Eric, who showed not one iota of remorse.  Sighing, he continued, “Well, vampires are an arrogant race.  We, generally, see ourselves residing far above all others and very little will instill fear. However, fairies are both alluring and to be feared. “

Godric moved closer to Sookie and asked “Do you mind?”


“If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take a closer look at you to see if there is anything else about you I can sense.  Anything that might give us a clue as to why you would be the focus of a fairy attack.  May I?”

“Ah…sure”, she said nervously.

He took Sookie’s hand to help her stand and move her away from the couch.  He then began to circle her, taking care to inspect her closely.  He gave a quick look to Eric who was watching intently, but with questions clearly showing on his face. Godric tucked his nose into the back of Sookie’s neck startling her, but he ignored her and inhaled deeply.  He was taking in her scent and cataloguing everything.  After a few minutes, Godric stood back with a contemplative look, but said nothing. 

Sookie and Eric continued to follow his movement.  The longer the silence, the more uneasy Sookie became.  Curious about Godric’s reaction, but noting Sookie, Eric stood and took a step closer to her until their arms were touching. His touch seemed to give some comfort to Sookie, and it did not go unnoticed by Godric, as he watched her posture relax into him. 

It felt like an hour before the silence was broken. “Let us all take a seat…please.” Godric motioned for both Eric and Sookie to sit. He seemed so serious and Sookie didn’t know what to make of it.  She did, however, know that whatever Godric was going to say would leave no doubt that all she’d known about her life, about her family, about her future would be changed forever. 

“Sookie, as I confirmed earlier, you are  part fairy.  That cannot be disputed.  I can sense that you’ve also had Eric’s blood, have you not?”

“Just a little.  I was injured and Eric healed me.”

“Yes, I can smell his blood in you.” Sookie crinkled her noise at that thought.

“Ah, I see my child has not been entirely forthcoming.”

“Your child?”

“Sookie, Eric is my progeny.  I am his maker.  I made him vampire over a thousand years ago.  As a vampire, I can smell his blood in you, but I can also sense the connection it has created in you both.  Very unusual.” And with that last thought, Godric looked away considering what he would say next.

“You have an energy, Sookie.”  He paused. “I have met a few fairies in my life.  They are rarely out in the open and it is even more rare that they take the company of vampires, but there have been times when a mutually beneficial alliance has been forged.  I, myself, have agreed to such an alliance.”

“Godric?” Eric interrupted.

“Yes, it is true.  It was many, many years ago. Before I made you, Eric.  I was approached by a powerful fairy, someone with great standing in their world.  He approached me with a deal.  I was apprehensive at first, since fairies are known to be duplicitous by nature, but I was intrigued by what he had to offer.   He had said he could give me the secret I sought to the great light.  And in return, he asked for my blood. Of course, the blood is sacred, so parting with it would require something of tremendous value.   He warned that this secret was dangerous for him and anyone to whom the secret was revealed.  At the time, I was alone and so I gave no thought to the repercussions of my decision.  I had vowed vengeance to honor my fallen comrades….and to assuage the guilt I felt in sending them to their final death.  I dare say my own guilt heavily influenced my actions at the time, thus binding us all to place we are now.”

Eric voiced his confusion, “Godric, what are you saying?  What was the secret and how does any of it relate to Sookie?”

“What I have to tell you relates to you, too, Eric. Mysteriously, your lives have intersected, but I fear that I have locked you into a fate not of your own making.  Remember the story of why I turned you?  Remember how I told you that I was enthralled by your magnificence?  You were not only magnificent in stature, but on the battlefield, as well.  You were a great warrior — beautiful and bold and unmatched.  The moment I saw you I knew we were meant to travel the world together — fader, broder, son.  But…. I did not just happen upon you on that battlefield.”  After a moment’s pause, he continued, “I was sent there.  My alliance with the fairy… was you, Eric.  You were the answer to the great light.  He told me no more than that. Only that I would find the answer to what I was looking for on that battlefield.  I only need look at you to know.  And as you can see, my desperation to appease my guilt and to avenge my people allowed me to be easily satisfied with just that little bit of information.  Once I saw you, however, I no longer wished to know anything more.”

Sookie looked between Eric and Godric.  She couldn’t help but feel for Eric.  She could tell that he was stunned.  Outside of his ramrod straight posture, there was a slight twitch to his right hand.  Emotions were bubbling inside of him and she was concerned for him. 

“And what of your blood?”, Eric strained

“He said it was needed for a family — a human family.”

“And do you know the name of this human family?”, Eric pressed.

“He didn’t want to reveal it, but I insisted.  If his information proved to be worthless, I had promised to destroy whatever or whoever he wanted to help with my blood.  It was a way to maintain our quid pro quo.”

“The name, Godric.  What is the name?”


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  1. *sigh* my Godric is so smart….and so awesome. 😉 so Godric’s blood helped Sookie’s family. i wonder if it was Nial who made a deal with Godric. a thousand years. that’s a long time back to be connected. curiouser and curiouser.
    amazing chapter! 😀

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  2. LOVE Godric! Thank you for updating. The fairies were watching Sookies ancestors1,000 years ago? Is the Ancient Pythoness coming into play?
    thanks again!!

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  3. The plot thickens!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to know more! But first: “Come fly the friendly skies with AirEric! The seat is first-class, the views are spectacular, and the service is unparalleled!” :))) This was so much fun! Thank you!

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  4. Ha! Yes, can we all get a ride on AirEric. Sigh…if only. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it! I’m always a little worried, so I appreciate your comment. And I thank you for reading! ❤


  5. I love this story!
    Such interesting and original ideas: Pam human and Eric’s day woman; Eric working as a doctor and saving lives; the wonderful Godric who you captured perfectly (and one of the few good things that TB did right); the mysterious light and the deal made with the fairy.
    This is getting better with each chapter and I look forward to where you take this story. 😉

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  6. So, if this fairy got Godric’s blood over a thousand years ago, it is either very diluted in the Hales, or the fairy time-traveled, or stored it against future need. Or none of those. Very interesting. Very intriguing.

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  7. A fascinating plot twist. Adele’s family is the one to be protected. Well that would make sense, Sookie’s last name is Stackhouse, but of course she is biologically a Brigant (at least in canon). Quite enjoying the playful banter between her and Eric.

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  8. Wow. This is like a roller coaster ride, I never know what’s going to happen next. I wonder if we’ll see Niall soon. Although expecting him to be straightforward and not all twisty-fae is probably asking too much. Thanks for sharing this with us. I cant wait for more.

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  9. Wow wow wow. So good. I liked every part of this part. There interactions in the beginning were very funny there childish tease and his flirting. The big head comment is still making me laugh. I really like how she started to trust Eric while they were flying and had a good time. I like that Eric felt her joy but didn’t know how to process it. The Godric scenes were fantastic as was the back story. I wonder if Eric feels betrayed by his maker? This light thing and the connection and Eric being the link is so interesting. Maybe Eric will help Sookie with her light. The ending was fantastic, Godric have his blood to her family.

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  11. Very interesting! Love Godric and the fact that he also has some tie to Sookie, especially since he referred to her as ‘our’ Ms. Stackhouse…surprised Sookie didn’t say something about that, lol Looking forward to more of the plot being revealed!

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