Chapter 6

AN: *Peeks our nervously*   I hope you enjoy. 🙂  And thank you to Alan Ball and TB for the loan of a phrase here and there. 

The end of chapter 5:

“I wasn’t driving, Ms. Stackhouse.”

“No, so what were you doing? Flying?” she said chuckling

“Exactly.” Eric smirked.


“You can fly?!”

“Yes, Ms. Stackhouse, I can fly.”

“Can all vampires fly?”

“What do you think.  Should I assume all humans can sing?”

“Well, no.  So I take it the answer to my question is no?”

Eric nodded. “We all have different gifts.  One of mine is flying.”

Amazing, Sookie thought. She considered all that had transpired over the past 24 hours and she felt exhausted and exhilarated.  She couldn’t wrap her head around it all, but the idea that her world was actually much larger than anything she could fathom was mind-boggling.  First, there was such a thing as vampires. Who knew?!  Second, something was after her and she couldn’t understand why. And third, what was she going to do next and what was her relationship with her captor? She had questions…lots of them and she was convinced there wouldn’t be any easy answers.

“So explain the light to me, Dr. Northman.”, Sookie asked.

“If you say ‘please’ perhaps I’ll consider it.”

It took all of her energy not to stick her tongue out at him, but she resisted, gritted her teeth and said, “please?”



“My name…my name is Eric. I’d like it if you would call me by my given name.  You’ve managed to call me various other odd names in our short time together, but I would prefer Eric.  After all, we do have an accord of sorts….we’ve made a deal, so I think at the very least we could do without the formality….Sookie.”, he said with his best smile.

“Hmpf…okay.  Eric, would you be so kind and tell me about the light…pleeeease?”

Eric laughed.  He did enjoy her spunk.  He had no idea what he was going to do with her now that he had revealed his true identity. There was no doubt he’d have to deal with this sooner than later, but there was much he needed to learn.  Something was going on in his area and Sookie was a big part of that.  

He paused for a moment trying to figure out how to start.  “This light….there are stories from long ago. In all my existence, I’ve never seen, nor have I heard of anyone seeing the light. It has been largely part of folklore, but it is an often told story.  So you can imagine my surprise when I saw it in the sky earlier tonight.”

“So you said ‘in all your existence’.  How old are you?”

“I have lived a thousand years. So as you can see, it has been long enough to see many things.”

Stunned, she pressed on, “And the light? Do you know what the light is?”

“Yes, I believe I know what the light is.”, he said, his eyes never leaving hers.  

“Thousands of years ago”, he continued, “there were stories of a weapon…a weapon so powerful it struck fear among the supernatural community.  It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. The stories went that a great light suddenly appeared during a dispute between a group of vampires and a werewolf clan.”

“Werewolves?”, Sookie interrupted surprised by the reveal that one more fairytale creature was real.

“Yes, Sookie.  Werewolves are real.  Now may I continue?”, he said rhetorically, not waiting for a response. “The dispute was over land.  The vampires felt that the area was under their rule, while the werewolves, of course…disagreed.  As the fighting became more intense and the vampires started to gain the upper hand, the light appeared.  It systematically decimated the vampires and the werewolves.  Reportedly, it seemed to search them out…target them, if you will, just like the light did with you. There was no defense against it, and the origin was never discovered. Needless to say, as the story goes, both the vampires and the werewolves lost the land. The light and the stories that followed had worked to keep that land sacred.  No one dared to cross the boundary in that territory and, to this day, it is considered untouchable.”        

Sookie sat in silence unsure of what to say.  She couldn’t fathom how this had anything to do with her.  This was all based on a story — a story about vampires and werewolves and some mysterious light. This was all so fantastically bizarre that she knew if she said the words out loud, she might laugh.  

“Nothing to say?”, Eric asked.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She held it and counted to ten hoping that her head would clear and she could make sense of what she was just told.  

Eric left her in her quietness.  He understood that Sookie had learned a lot in their short time together and giving her a few minutes to collect herself was the least he could do.

After a few minutes, her eyes opened and she asked, “What does any of this have to do with me?”

“I’m not sure, Sookie, but it seems clear that the light, a light not seen for thousands of years, has returned and it has you in its sights.”

“I don’t believe it.  This must be a mistake. I’m a nobody for Christ’s sake”, ignoring the blasphemy. “I’m just a waitress from a small town in the middle of nowhere.  There’s nothing I’ve done that would make me a target of anyone or anything, unless maybe you’re one of the drunken boys I’ve slapped.”

Eric raised an eyebrow. Yes, he could see it. He could see that hand of hers punishing some unwitting piece of shit. He didn’t much like the thought of someone manhandling her, but he liked that her spunk wasn’t just reserved for him.  Yes, he decided he liked it very much.

“Well, believe it.  I can tell you that it was, indeed, targeting you. Regardless of what you think you may have done to earn such attention, know that you’ve got it. There is something special about you.  You are not merely human.”

Sookie slumped where she sat, her eyes focused on Eric.  Her head was spinning with the nightmare that he was sharing with her. While the thought of other creatures existing beyond humans was thrilling, she didn’t much care to think about something coming after her.  That she couldn’t reconcile. It was unbelievable, yet she could see the sincerity that settled over his face — he believed it.

After a few minutes of silence, Sookie straightened up and asked, “Okay, what do we do next?”

“We?”, Eric questioned.

“Yes, we.  We made a deal, we have an agreement. You’ve just blown my world apart and now you think you’re just going to leave me? I don’t think so! And isn’t there some shit about saving another person’s life and owning them….or that you’re responsible for them….or something like that?”

Eric was watching Sookie’s hands gesticulate as she got increasingly anxious.  He hadn’t really considered what he was going to do beyond saving her, and he’d barely considered that.  Was he prepared to stick by her and help? He couldn’t argue that the thought of ‘owning’ associated with Sookie wasn’t appealing.  The girl had no clue what she was doing or saying, but she did end up saying the one word that was practically sacrosanct to a vampire.  He considered the situation — Sookie and the light — two things that were very unusual and very exciting….and would most likely get him killed.  Eric shook his head back and forth as he approached Sookie with an extended hand.

“Yes….I do believe that saying goes ‘something’ like that.”, he smirked. Sookie extended her hand to meet his, and it didn’t go unnoticed by either of them the energy that passed between them.  Sookie wanted to let go, but Eric held firm.  The feeling scared her, but he was excited by it.  Eric was even more convinced that he’d made the right choice.  

After a few moments, Sookie was able to pull free.  “What was that?”, she asked.  Eric was trying very hard to keep his fangs holstered and wasn’t paying attention to her question.  He didn’t want to scare her any more than she already was, but the truth was that he was fighting the urge to take a little nip.  He really wanted a taste, but he knew he couldn’t go there.  She would run and that would be the end of everything.

Regaining his senses, he asked, “What?”  Sookie’s eyes pinned him and she asked again, “What was that?”  

“I have no idea, but I admit, I enjoyed it. As I said earlier, Sookie, there is something different about you.   And that is just one more check mark under the box of ‘special’.”

“Ooohkay.  So I’m special.  What does that mean exactly? Any ideas, Mr. Smarty Pants? Can you help me figure out what I am?”

“Yes, I suppose that would be a good place to start.  Do you have any gifts?  Anything you can do that’s out of the ordinary?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”  Sookie thought back through her life trying to recall anything that was different about her.  After a few minutes, she remembered, “Well, when I was little I used to feel like I knew what people were thinking.   My gran used to tease me about being nosy and taking a peek where I didn’t belong.  Of course, that was all silly and I eventually outgrew all of that nonsense.”

Eric thought about her memory wondering if he had heard about anything like that before.  Nothing jumped off of the top of his head, so he disregarded it.  He looked very intently at her, hoping that he might see something that was different, but nothing struck him.  

Sookie could see him eying her and it made her uncomfortable. He always had an intensity about him that was most evident in his eyes.  He physically exuded power, but she could tell that his eyes revealed how he lived.  

He finally pulled back on his inspection and she saw him close his eyes and inhale deeply through his nose.  He stilled for a few seconds before he moved closer and repeated.  She was very confused since she knew he didn’t need to breathe.  It seemed like he was smelling her and something about that was a little unnerving and made her extremely self-conscious.  

With his eyes closed, Eric’s head fell back as he took in a deep breathe. He could smell a little sweetness during his first pass.  It lingered in his nose for a brief moment before it dissipated.  He took his second breathe hoping that moving closer would strengthen whatever it was that mixed with her scent.  Once again he closed his eyes, head falling back as if to savor every molecule.  The sweetness was still there and it reminded him of honey and wheat and a freshness — no…no it reminded him more of sunshine.  Realizing that proximity was important and forgetting what had happened earlier, he quickly kneeled in front of her and placed his nose in the crook of her neck.  He inhaled deeply and there it was.  That smell. The smell that had had him spellbound earlier.  It was indescribable — sweeter than anything he’d thought possible. Oh, he was sure she would taste divine.  He continued to run his nose up and down her neck, and the more nervous she became, the more the oils in her skin bolstered her smell.

With one last sniff, his eyes opened sharply in recognition as thoughts of the light came to mind. Sookie was startled by the suddenness of his movements.  As they had many times during the night, their eyes met.  

The familiarity of Sookie’s smell brought him back to many years ago when he was traipsing around Europe.  

He had been young and arrogant with an occasional penchant for foolhardiness, and it had been one of those occasions when he had wandered into a den of iniquity surrounded by humans partaking in every available vice —  gambling, drinking, and, his personal favorite, prostitution – all too focused on their sins to notice a predator in their midst.  He’d certainly hadn’t gone completely unnoticed, he was, after all, an exceptionally tall, beautiful man – unusually beautiful by today’s standards, completely staggering in days of yore. However, they had no idea the type of man they were looking at.

Eric had entered the main room and looked around to see if he could spot his next meal.   If he could parlay it into feeding his body and his flesh, all the better. As he perused the room, he finally settled on a comely young thing who occupied the center of the room surrounded by several potential suitors.  Not only was she beautiful, but the joy to be had by taking her from everyone else was too much to resist.  

Walking over, her sea of suitors parted and they came face to face. He was mesmerized and he found her smell enticing. Oh, she’ll make a delicious meal, he thought.  He offered his hand and she smugly stared back at him. Finally, accepting, they walked hand in hand to a private room in the far corner of the building.  He appreciated the remoteness, as his vision of the night would be anything but quiet.  He anticipated that he would enjoy her with abandon.  

She had seductively pulled him to the edge of the bed and they began to kiss. There was no hesitation, no time for names or getting acquainted. Things quickly became heated.  Eric growled and threw himself on top of her.  She began to laugh, which spurred him on, increasing the unbridled passion that bubbled within.  He had never experienced anything like this before.  He was enraptured, and the more she laughed, the more he couldn’t get enough of her.  

Just as quickly as he had her on her back, she had turned the tables and she was now on top.  Oh, how he enjoyed her power over him.  It wasn’t often that happened and it was never by a woman.  They continued to wildly kiss and feel each other’s bodies.  She took his hands and raised them above his head and began to kiss his neck passionately.  Eric’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he reveled in the ecstasy he was enjoying at the hands of his new paramour.  

She had taken him to another place, a place he’d never been before, and in the middle of his pleasure, he felt her take a small bite.  It caught him off-guard since it was a boldness he’d never experienced from someone not a vampire. In his shock, he felt another bite.  Stunned, his eyes flew open.  He regained his senses and searched the laughing face of the beauty he shared a bed with, and when his eyes focused,  he saw the snarly fangs in the beautiful mouth he had just been kissing dripping with his own blood.  

He lurched forward, fangs dropping, attempting to throw her off, but she was surprisingly strong.  She attacked his neck again and continued to drink.  Fighting with all of his supernatural strength, he was able to free his hands.  He grabbed her by the hair and pulled, but her bite didn’t relax. So he punched her as hard as he could in the head and she released.  Moving fast, he found her neck and bit.  He bit hard and he tore at her flesh.  Her blood flowed freely as it was released from the confines of her formerly beautiful skin.

Eric drank…he drank faster and harder than he’d ever done before. When she weakened, he grabbed her head with both hands and ripped her head off of her shoulders, and with that action, she dissolved into a pile of dust.

Thrust back to the present, Eric staggered back. He had made the connection.  

“Sookie, I know what you are.  You know how I said other supernatural beings existed?”  Sookie nodded a yes. “There is one creature that is very rare….so rare that they are considered myth…much like that light that’s gunning for you.”  Sookie listened expectantly, gesturing for him to continue.  “I believe you are part fairy.”

Sookie stared in disbelief and after a few minutes, she said, “I’m a fucking fairy?!  Well that’s just lame.  It’s going to take more than a smell test to convince me that I’m ah…ah…god, I’m a fuckin’ fairy.” Sookie started to spin out of control.  “Good lord…this can’t be happening.”  ‘Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, oh my’, she wanted to say, but all she could do was laugh to herself.  She was done and she needed to get out of there.  She didn’t know where she was or where she was going, all she knew was that she needed to get out…get out into the  fresh air — clear her head and get the hell away from Eric Northman.

Sookie started to head for the door and said “I’m outta here.  I can’t take this anymore and I need to leave.”

Eric couldn’t let that happen, so he was behind her before she could blink and he held her tight to the wall.  His grip was firm and his fangs bared. “Oh no, Sookie Stackhouse.  Remember, I ‘own’ you now.  You.  Are. Mine.”

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  1. Poor Sookie…All that information is a bit too much! !!!
    I think Sookie’s telepathy has been blocked somehow.
    Hehe Eric claiming her…He never changes, does he?!

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