Chapter 11

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Chapter 10

Eric silently agreed.  Several minutes passed between them when Godric asked, “She is quite something when she’s angry isn’t she?”

 Eric smiled as he agreed, “Yes…Yes, she is.”

Chapter 11

Sookie plopped down on the couch when Eric left the room.  She was off balance and she had to work to center herself.  There was so much to process, but hearing Eric’s lies had really angered her.  Her anger was also fueled by the thought of this huge secret in her family history.  She didn’t know who knew what or how much, but it seemed that her beloved Gran knew something.  If Gran knew that she had telepathy as a child, why hadn’t she said anything as Sookie grew older.  She had wished Gran had told her.  Tears started to gently fall.

“Why Gran?  Why didn’t you tell me?  Why did you leave me to find out by myself?”  The soft whispers continued through her hushed cries. “I don’t know what to do now, Gran.  I wished you would’ve told me.”  Sookie sat in silence trying to make sense of things.  Finally, with one last sniffle and a wipe of her eyes, Sookie took a long, shaky breath.  There was an ache in her heart for the secrets kept from her by the people she loved, but she also knew that she couldn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it now.  She had things to do.  She was going to find this Niall person.  She was going to find her answers and then, after she found the truth, she would allow herself to fully cry.

She rose from the sofa and found the bathroom.  She wanted to put herself together before she went to find Eric and Godric.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she could only shake her head. How could she possibly be so special?  It was plainly lost on her, but, if it was true and she had some kind of magic, she would commit.  She would work with Eric and Godric to develop them.  Splashing some water on her tear-stained face, she freshened up.  Knowing that the vampires probably heard her cry, she decided that she’d hold her head high and get straight to business.  Straightening her spine and standing tall, she gave one last look in the mirror before she headed to the door to the hallway. 

Opening the door, she peered into the hallway and saw both Eric and Godric quietly leaning against the wall. “Y’all can come in now. I’m ready to talk.”

Sookie was all business as the vampires followed her back into the living area of the room.  Eric could feel her determination and it piqued his curiosity. He had not only heard her tears, but he had felt her pain. Yet, here she was strong and purposeful.  He watched her as she moved around the room and he was impressed at how she held her head high. This girl was resilient.  She took everything that came at her and still she remained standing.  Sookie was full of all kinds of unknown strength and Eric was more and more intrigued.

Both men allowed Sookie to set the tone.  They said nothing and waited for her to begin.

“I’ve made up my mind.  There are things I need to know and in order to do that I need to see about these…’gifts’.  So I’ll follow your lead.  Godric, what do you want me to do?”

Godric slowly approached her.  “Sookie, I understand how overwhelming all of this is for you and I admire how well you have absorbed all that you’ve learned in such a short period of time.  I promise I will help you  through this, as will Eric. If you are ready, I would like to start with a small test — a test to see what you may already manifest.”

“Um…okay.  I’m ready, I think.  Where do we start?”

“May I?” Godric reached for her hand.  Sookie nodded and put her hand in his and let him lead her to a chair across from the sofa. “Please sit and let us talk first.  I understand from Eric that during your earlier discussion, as you were laying out your ground rules, that your fingers began to glow.”

“What?  No, I don’t remember anything like that.  That can’t be true.”

Eric spoke up, “Yes, Sookie.  It is true.  You were quite angry and as your anger grew, I could see your fingers starting to have a faint glow. I think it is tied to your emotions.  I…well, rather we think that is how we should begin the test. You tap into your emotions and we can see if you’re able to display anything supernatural.”

“Eric is correct.  It is not surprising that with the strong expression of emotion that barriers are often removed.  You might say that the shields come down, therefore, it may be possible for any powers that lay dormant to be released.”

“Soooo, you guys are saying if I let my emotions go that whatever powers I might have will show up.  I have a question then.  If I just let go and am in the throes of…whatever you call it, how do I know I won’t hurt someone…or hurt you?  What if I can’t control it?  I mean of all the things you’ve talked about, I’m afraid about the light.  You say my fingers glowed. What if I point them at one of you?  I don’t want to hurt anyone…not anyone who doesn’t need hurtin’ anyway.”

Godric thought for a moment. “I understand your concern and you are wise to consider such things.  The goal is to first expose the power and then once it’s revealed, we can work on your control of it. I do think the light should be our first test since it appears you’ve already accessed it.  Based on what Eric has said, it appeared at the height of your anger this evening.  And remember Sookie, Eric and I are very old, which means we have extraordinary reflexes.  I’m sure we can stay out of your line of fire.”, he reassured her.

“Oohkay. if you say so.  How do we go about this?”

Studying the room and their situation, Godric considered their approach.  He knew Eric would have to be a part of the test, too, but he didn’t want to start with her anger for him.  It was already proven that he could make her mad enough for the light to materialize, so he wanted to save Eric for a different test.  He decided he would start with her family.  It was clear Sookie had a sensitivity to being lied to so he would leverage her heritage.  He didn’t want to be cruel, but he wanted her to show just a little spark.  More importantly, he needed her to see the spark.  He needed her to accept who she was, as that would be the foundation for her being able to control her powers, and seeing the evidence of her magic would go a long way towards that end. 

Softly he began, “Sookie, I would like you to think back to your family.  Think about your Gran and what she might have known about you and what she most likely kept from you.  Take a minute and tell me how you feel.  I need you to dig deep and allow yourself to go to the place that hurts.”

Sookie stiffened as she heard Godric’s words.  She had pushed her hurt away and wasn’t thrilled at the idea of going back to that place, but she closed her eyes, took a deep breathe, and let go.  She thought about the last 24 hours and the events swirled in her head.  Her Gran, she knew something was different about her, but never having told her anything. Sookie was left to deal with all of this news by herself.  It was hard not to feel hurt by being left in the dark.  This was a secret that should’ve been revealed by the person who loved her, by the person she trusted most in the world.  Loved ones shouldn’t lie to each other, she thought.

The more Sookie thought about it the angrier she got.  Her heart started to beat faster and a slight blush started to creep over her skin. Her parents — they must have known.  Did that explain the distance she felt from them before they passed?  She had been hurt as a child.  She had wanted to feel the closeness that she imagined other children felt with their parents, but something was always a little off for her. She recalled the constant whispering and the sad looks.  She remembered her Gran shushing them and then opening her arms for a warm embrace, and that thought angered her as much as she felt heartened by it.

Her thoughts than moved to Niall.  She didn’t know him, but she would find him.  She would find out why he ruined her life.  Why did he do this to her?   Why her?

Sookie was deep in her thoughts and completely unaware of her physical surroundings.  She heard the faint call of her name.  “Sookie, do you hear me? Can you open your eyes?”  Responding to the voice, she slowly opened her eyes and saw Godric’s looking back at her.

“Sookie, you can hear me know.  Look at your hands.”

Looking down at her hands, she was stunned to see them filled with light.  She attempted to rise from her seat as a wave of panic started to set in.  She was scared and wanted to shake the light off.  Tears began to well in her eyes.

Quickly seeing that she was ready to bolt, Eric stepped in and placed his hands on her face.  “Look at me, Sookie.  I have you. I promise, I have you.  I won’t let anything hurt you.  Sookie, trust me.”

Sookie relaxed into Eric’s touch.  The softness had returned to Eric’s eyes and focusing on them calmed her as she slowly shed her anger.  A single tear fell down her cheek and Eric softly brushed it away with his thumb.  “Are you okay?”, he asked.  All she could do was nod into his hands.  She closed her eyes and leaned further into him.  “Sookie, open your eyes.  I need you to see.”  Taking a breath, she slowly opened her eyes. “Look Sookie.  Look at your hands.”   Eric released her face as she looked down and saw that a soft glow remained in her hands.  Looking closely, she marveled at the beauty of the light.

Godric’s voice broke through the silence.  “Sookie, concentrate on the light.  Think only of the light.  Good.  Good.  Now, try to make the light brighter.  See it in your mind.  See the colors become more vibrant.  See it become brighter and bigger in your hands.  There.  That’s it.   Focus only on the light.”   She had done what Godric asked and was now in awe of her own power. 

Continuing, he directed, “Now, think of the light getting smaller. See the colors become more muted.  See how it softens and becomes smaller in your hands.  That’s good. You’re doing great, Sookie.  Now I want you to try visualize in your mind the light absorbing completely into your hands. Let it disappear.  Let it become one with you.”  And with Godric’s last instruction, the light was gone.

Blinking several times, her attention was drawn back to the hotel room.  She was amazed and excited at what had just happened.  She looked around to find both Eric and Godric staring back at her.  “Oh my god.  I can’t believe that happened.”

“That didn’t just happen, Sookie.  You controlled it.  That was you, little one.”

Eric added, “Sookie, you were amazing.”  He could feel her excitement.  He had felt her pain earlier and he didn’t like it.  He much preferred these feelings and he now wanted to ensure that she experienced many more of them.

Exuberance still flowing through her body, Sookie stood. She had too much energy and needed to move, however, she was a little unsteady and grabbed for Eric.  He quickly moved closer to her and helped her regain her balance.  Once steadied, she started to pace the room again.  “So when can we do that again? Are there other tests we can do? “

Godric smiled, “I think we should wait. It’s been a long night and trying again so soon would be draining.  The sun will be up in a few hours. I think it best if you got some rest and we can start again tomorrow. I would like you to take a little more of Eric’s blood if you’re okay with that.  This was a taxing experience for you and his blood will regenerate any part of your body that was weakened during that exercise.  It might also help awaken any other magics you may have.  I know we’ve established that there’s a connection between you and Eric and that some type of power transferred between the two of you prior you taking his blood, but the light did not manifest until after you took his blood. It may be the same for others. 

“I don’t know if I could sleep now, I’m so excited, but I can try.  I’m anxious to learn more…to try more.”

“And Eric’s blood?  Do you agree? Would you take more of his blood?”

Looking at Eric, seeing his face, and remembering how he had helped her through her panic, she agreed, “Yes, I’ll do it. How?”

Godric smiled, “Why don’t I see what I can do about getting a bigger room. I can see we’re going to need more bedrooms now that we’re all together.  Eric, I leave it to you.”  And with that Godric was gone.

Sookie looked down at her feet and said, “Soooo.  This feels awkward.  How ‘bout we get this over with?”

“But of course.  Your wish is but my command, dear Sookie.  Why don’t we sit on the sofa.  Come….sit.”  Eric sat and padded the space next to him.  “I promise I won’t bite.  It appears that you will be the only one doing the biting.” 

Sookie wanted to wipe the smirk off of Eric’s face.…or maybe slap was a more accurate description. He was definitely enjoying the current turn of events, but she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be taking more of his blood.  Granted the act itself was much more pleasurable than she would’ve ever guessed, but the dreams. She didn’t know if she could take the dreams and she was worried this time because Godric would be there.  It was embarrassing enough just with Eric.

Feeling her anxiety, Eric decided to pull back on the teasing.  Once again, Eric’s face soften, all lines slipping away from his face, as he held out his hand to guide her to the open space beside him.  “I want you to feel comfortable, Sookie, so we can do the wrist as we’ve done before.  So I’m going to bite and you’ll need to begin to drink soon so the wound doesn’t close.  You let me know when you’re ready and we’ll begin.”

“Hmmm….I don’t know which part of you makes me more nervous, the lecherous you or the nice you.”

“Ha…I wish I could help you with that, but I cannot.  I can be both lecherous and nice.  You, Sookie, make me want to be both.”

“Aaah, let’s get this over with before you say something that pisses me off.  I wouldn’t want to accidentally singe you.”

They both smiled and Eric raised his wrist to bite.  His fangs came down and they entered his skin.  Sookie was fascinated as she watched intently.  Subconsciously biting her lip, she couldn’t help her curiosity thinking what it might be like to feel his fangs enter her skin.  Would it hurt?  It seemed like it must hurt, but she couldn’t deny that there was something sensual about the thought. Brought out of her rumination by the sound of Eric clearing his throat, she jumped feeling slightly embarrassed by her previous thoughts.  Avoiding his gaze, she focused on his wrist  and opened her mouth.  Her lips surrounded the wound and she began to drink, moaning with every pull.  Once again, she couldn’t get over how good he tasted, or how electric she felt as his blood moved through her body. 

Eric wasn’t unaffected, either.  He, too, was mesmerized by Sookie’s lips on his skin and the sounds emanating from her.  He desperately wanted to scoop her up and crush his lips to hers, but he knew he could not.  Despite the feelings coming from her, he was fairly confident that his attentions would eventually be unwelcome.  He could not afford to succumb to the bloodlust.  He had to maintain his control, for her sake and his own. 

After several swallows, Eric pulled his wrist away.  Sookie was so single-minded in her actions that she pushed forward attempting to reconnect. With a groan that was low and resonating deep within his chest, Eric said, “No, Sookie.  No more.  I don’t think either one of us is prepared to deal with what might happen if you were to have more.” He quickly moved away putting distance between them.  It happened so fast that Sookie felt awkward and insecure.  In that instant, she felt like she had done something wrong…that she had somehow offended Eric.  “Stop Sookie.  I can feel you.  There is nothing to feel ashamed of.  Drinking the blood can be a very sexual experience.  I’m merely putting distance between us so neither one of us does something regrettable.  Believe me when I tell you, I would love nothing more than to act on my impulses and on yours, but I’m sure you would not feel so charitable towards me in the morning.” he finished with a crooked smile.

Still feeling embarrassed even with Eric’s explanation, she stood from the sofa and distractingly brushed her hands down her clothes.  “Right…I get it.  Hm…wonder where Godric is?  I’m beginning to feel tired and I’d like to go to bed.”

Perfectly timed, Godric entered the room. “I have secured us another room — a larger suite with two bedrooms.”  Noticing the awkward silence between his two new roommates, he surmised that the blood exchange was completed. 

“Two rooms?”, Sookie questioned.  “But there are three of us.”

“Eric and I will share a room.  You may have the other.”

Godric handed Eric the key. “Eric, why don’t you take Sookie to our new suite.  Let her pick the room she feels comfortable in and she can settle in for the night.  I need to pack my things, so I’ll be along shortly.  Sookie, it has been a pleasure meeting you.  I do hope this night and our presence has not caused you undue distress.  I look forward to seeing you again.”

“It’s been my pleasure, Godric.  I want to thank you for helping me.  It’s been a tough night for sure, but I can’t wait to get started again.  Goodnight.”

Eric lowered his head to Godric and lead Sookie out the door.  Their new room was on the same floor, but down at the end of the hallway.  Eric liked the new location, as it was close to the stairwell meaning it was close to an exit if they needed one.  Once they entered the suite, Eric prompted her to choose her room.  She really didn’t have a preference since both rooms were quite good size each having 1 king size bed.  She made her choice, but before retiring, she turned to Eric and said, “I want to thank you, Eric, for all you’ve done for me.  I guess I’ll see you a little later then.  Um…you know I don’t have any other clothes.  Do you know if there is shop in this hotel?  I really need to get a few things….toiletries, a know personal items.”

“I’d rather you not leave the room, Sookie.  I’ll call down and arrange for a dental kit, as well as soaps and the like.  This hotel provides a catalog for shopping in the area since vampires are their primary clientele and the boutique hours don’t always lend themselves to the hours we keep.  Just pick what you’d like.  There should be a number to call and they will deliver to you.  Order food and beverage for yourself, as well.  Do not worry about the cost. You are our guest.”

“Thank you, again.  I’ll call in the morning.”  Standing there in silence, the awkwardness returned.  All that was left to say was, “Goodnight, Eric.”  And he responded, “Goodnight, Sookie.  Sleep well.”  She smiled in acknowledgment, turned, and went to her room.

She hadn’t felt tired moments earlier, but now, looking at the big bed in front of her, she felt like she could sleep for a week.  She made a quick trip to the en suite bathroom to freshen up best she could.  After taking care of her personal needs, she moved to the bed, pulled back the covers, and climbed in.  Her head hit the pillow and it all felt so wonderful.  She took one long breath, exhaled, and let sleep take her over. 

Eric could hear Sookie’s breathing even out and knew that she had finally fallen asleep.  It had been a full evening and he marveled at how his seemingly innocent meeting of Sookie had turned into something so much different…so life altering.   Thinking of his life reminded that he had other duties that required his attention.  He had already made accommodations for his shifts at the hospital to be covered, but he had vampire responsibilities, as well, and those he could not ignore.  He had phones calls to make before he retired. 

Pulling out his phone, he made his call.  “Yes, Sheriff?”, the voice on the other end of the phone answered.

“Thalia, how are things this evening?  Any trouble?”

“No, Sheriff.  I have received notification that a new vampire has entered the area and wishes an audience with you.  Outside of that, there have been no other requests and no other activity.”

“Good.   I don’t have time to deal with the Queen’s business, so I’m charging you with meeting this new vampire, finding out what his business is, and explaining my rules.  Any questions?”

“No.  I understand. I will take care of it.”

“Oh, and Thalia?  What is this vampire’s name?”

“William Compton, Sheriff.”

“Very good…keep in touch.” And with that Eric ended the call.

Eric was the Vampire Sheriff of Area 5 in the State of Louisiana.  There was a hierarchy among their kind and holding the position of Sheriff afforded him a level of autonomy that would elude him otherwise.  He reported to the Queen, who then reported up through to The Authority. 

Thalia was his Second and she ruled in his absence.  She was older than he was, but had a propensity for volatility that needed to be channeled in a structured way and Eric provided that stability.  She respected him. They had a long history together and they understood the needs of the other.   She was a loner by nature and didn’t much care for the company of anyone or anything.  Eric allowed for this and let her disappear when she needed to.  Through the course of their relationship, she had proven her loyalty to him.  In fact, he was the only one she was loyal to. 

His Queen was Sophie-Anne Leclerq and she was younger than him by half.  She was fair and just and mostly left him to rule his area with little interference.  He provided her with monthly reports, collected the appropriate tithes, and kept the peace. He gave her little reason to intrude in his business, both professional and personal. 

The Authority was a more elusive ruling body and much about them remained unknown, other than they were the ultimate rulers of vampires.  They set the political agenda and created the laws that they felt, in their learned opinion, would maintain the status quo and would protect the existence of their kind.  If The Authority was considered elusive, then their leader was someone who was almost mythical in stature.  He or she was extremely powerful and, rumor had it, they had the gift of sight.  It was told that few ever received an audience, thus proliferating the mythology surrounding that position.

Godric entered the room moments after Eric finished his call with Thalia.  “All is well in your area?”

“It’s quiet.  Thalia is managing well, as expected.  She reports that a new vampire has entered my area, but she will take the meeting in my absence.”   

“Thalia….she is loyal, that one. I’m glad she has found a home with you.  You could do no better than her as your Second.”

“I know.  Were it anyone else, I might feel the need to return.  I don’t like new vampires entering my area without interviewing them myself.  We’ll see what she reports after her meeting.”

“Now that Sookie is asleep, tell me, my child, how do you feel about our current plight?  I can sense that you are apprehensive about our journey, and I can also tell that you are unsure when it comes to our, Ms. Stackhouse. I know she intrigues you, and giving her your blood isn’t going to clarify whatever feelings you may find you have for her.”

“I can’t deny that I feel connected to her and I have to admit that I felt it prior to giving her my blood.  I have no idea what it means, but it does worry me somewhat.  However, I will make efforts to remain focused on our mission.  Whatever is between us must stay no more than just a thought.  I cannot allow myself to act upon it, nor can I allow her to, either.”

“Probably wise for now”, Godric offered.  “Let us sit and plan our next move.  The sun will be rising soon, so we haven’t much time.”

Godric and Eric moved to sit at the table.  They had much to discuss before sunrise.  They needed to be prepared when Sookie awoke.  They needed to test her abilities further and, most importantly, they needed to take their first step in their quest to find Niall.

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  1. An unusual situation, Eric planning not to act on the attraction between Sookie and him. But in light of what they are going to be facing, perhaps a good idea. Godric and Eric working together is always a good thing (such a waste of a great character, killing him off so quickly on TB).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Godric was too short-lived on TB, so it feels good resurrect him. Oh, poor Eric…I think he’s scared to act on his attraction because there’s actual feelings behind it and their current situation provides a good reason to avoid dealing with them. Appreciate the comment and for reading! Thanks!


  2. Eric not acting on his feelings, that’s different! LOL But seems like a good idea for the moment.
    Compton, arg! Maybe Thalia will take an instant dislike to him and he’ll piss her off so she can take care of him before he becomes an issue? Well, I can only hope and dream…
    Enjoying Yo Eric and his working with Sookie. I think his calm nature will help both Sookie and Eric through this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric showing some restraint in going after what he obviously wants is a bit different for him, that’s true. We’ll see how long he can hold out. 🙂 Ugh….Bill…yes, I was so on the fence about adding him. As you might imagine, I can’t stand him, but he’ll serve his purpose, I think. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m also wondering how long Sookie can hold out – those dreams can be very powerful, and she was attracted to him before the blood too! Both of them will be under stress from the physical attraction! Good set up for fireworks! lol

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I do so love this story and I agree heartily with valady1 about Godric.

    TB, once so promising, ended its run as nothing more than ‘Tedious Bills**t.’ 😦

    When it comes to Eric’s bright idea to try and put aside his growing feelings for Sookie?

    I can hear Dr Phil now: “How’s that working for ya?” Yeah, good luck with that, Viking. 😉

    I am loving this strong and resolute Sookie who is prepared to face the true circumstances of her life head on and is willing to ask for and accept Eric and Godric’s help.

    And now slimy Compton is in town. I am sure there is a stake with his name on it somewhere. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Yes, I think Dr. Phil could have quite a session with Eric and his avoidance behavior. 🙂 I like to think of Sookie as fierce when it’s needed, so I’m a fan of a strong Sookie. Bill+sharp and pointy=love match….me thinks.;)


  4. Very nice. I wonder if Bill is in the area in his usual role and if Hadley is involved. It’s nice that Eric considers Sophie Anne a just and fair queen. I also wonder how Jason is doing and if Eric and Godric will bring him in on this business when he is feeling better. I like Thalia as Eric’s second.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we can count on Bill’s role to be consistent. 🙂 Yes, Eric seems okay with his Queen up to this point. He does his job and she doesn’t bother him….not a bad relationship. I do like Thalia, so I’m glad to have found a place for her. As for Jason, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. 🙂 Thanks for reading and appreciate the comment!


  5. Sookie definitely lucked out when she met Eric and through him Godric. She couldn’t have better champions on her side. A new wrinkle though – I see Bill has made an appearance. Wonder if his agenda is the same as usual. Can’t wait to find out, and also to learn more about what part the past history with the Hale family plays.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I find it really interesting in your story that Sookie isn’t a telepath or if she was the power was closed off. I’m wondering if Eric’s blood will awaken it and more powers? I like that Eric provided Sookie comfort and wanted to comfort her. The Sookie light show was pretty fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We should find out soon what powers she starts to exhibit with the help of Eric’s blood. I think Eric’s feelings for her sneak out in moments like that. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Very much appreciated….and thanks so much for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s embarrassing. I had to go back and find out where I had used peaked instead of piqued and I, unfortunately, found it. Thanks for the reminder! These chapters aren’t reviewed, so I appreciate the edits from the readers. 🙂


  7. Yuck…look who just entered Area 5 , that a-hole of Bill Compton!
    Of course he’s looking for a certain fairy hybrid…
    Nice to see Thalia in this story, I really like this character too bad she wasn’t on True Blood!
    Oh poor Eric…non acting on his attraction ( for now) !


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