A Chance Encounter – Chapter 12 posted. Sorry for the wait.

So sorry for the time between chapters.  Please enjoy, and thanks so much for taking the time to read.  ❤


Alex blowing kiss




  1. Niall!!!! Poor Sookie, though! And oh, Eric “I do not get jealous” Northman! Is that the same Eric “I do not love humans” Northman? lol. Sure Eric, sure! 🙂 But yeah, poor Sookie! She really doesn’t know what to believe and what to risk. HUGS THEM BOTH! And hugs you! For writing this! I love this story!

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  2. Not sure why there isn’t anything at the end of the chapter to allow for comments.. I think it’s a good thing that Godric is part of this story, he serves an important role in helping not just Sookie to understand the world she is now a part of, but also bridging the gap between Eric’s head and his heart. The explanation for why Eric fights his emotions is quite sound, the downside of living all those centuries. Looking forward to reading more of their story.

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    1. That was strange. I went back in and enabled the comment section, but that always happened automatically before. Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I think Godric will play his part helping Eric and Sookie with their quest and their relationship. I’m glad Godric’s explanation made sense. I always thought that it must be so difficult to lose people over and over….good reason not to get too close. Thanks for reading and for the comment! 🙂


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