Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read my story.  I hope you’re enjoying it. 🙂  I have been posting as soon as I’ve finished writing a chapter and, even though I try to proof-read, I’ve noticed some typos have managed to get through.  Funny how you can so easily see them a few days later. 😦

In order to spare myself the embarrassment of the simple typos and possibly catch any continuity issues, I’ve decided I will try to post once a week.  That would give me time to continue writing, but also gain some distance from a chapter before I post it and hopefully, have more effective proof-reading. It will also allow me to go back and read what I’ve written to maintain some consistency.  This is my first story, so I’m learning as I go and I didn’t realize how easy it is to overlook a line written a few chapters earlier that contradicts a new line later on.  Ugh…the joys of learning “on-the-job”.  However, if I can post every couple of days and still do the same, I will.

Once again, thanks for reading and for your kindness.  Take good care!



  1. I am yet to check the story but I wanted to drop by and make sure I was following you! 🙂 And I know how you feel about finding mistakes. It happened to me all the time too, I’d find them days later and have a big d’oh moment and feel bad! 🙂 But it happens to all of us, so this should help you feel better! I’m so happy for you that you decided to give writing more a shot – I really liked the one shot you wrote for that contest so I know I’ll enjoy whatever else you bring! Sending you warm fuzzies for you and your muse! Hugs! Happy writing!

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  2. Wowza!!! So thrilled you decided to try out your writing wings! I’ve only been at it a year now and it has been amazing so far. The wordpress ladies are fabulous and so supportive! I can’t wait to dig into your stories 🙂 And don’t worry about little mistakes and typos, we all make them. Super happy for you and I wish for your muse to always be kind to you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time and for sharing your experience. Yeah, damn typos! Hate them on Tumblr and hate them here, but I guess there’s no to evade them completely. 🙂

      I hope my muse decides to hang around and play, just as yours has for you. Take Care! ❤

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